Long White Dresser For Bedroom

Wonderful Long White Dresser

Long white dresser, most long chests of drawers with large drawers, usually 3 on each side. And a large mirror that is located behind can be found in abundance of furniture stores. Although these are large to provide a lot of storage space. And space on the top of the chest of drawers. The long dressers take a lot of floor and wall space. Better quality dressers will be designed with smaller drawers at the top. And the candidate down with each drawer will be bigger. The high end of wood chests will be made of maple, mahogany or cherry with an average wood quality dresser made of oak or lighthouse.

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A cheap way to create a long white dresser for bedroom can be to use an old freezer or hutch. Or something that has a lot of drawers or cabinets to store clothes. Place an old worktop or other material on top and cover with a decorative chest of drawers or ribbon of material that matches other decor.

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Another idea is to design and build your own dresser or have a builder make one your specifications. It cannot be any cheaper than buying a long white dresser, but it would ensure you get the customization and choice you want in a chest of drawers.